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Mesh Top Replacements For Playpens

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Ensure a super comfortable playing area for your small and medium-sized pet which they will love as much they love you. Designed to provide a safe place to your four-legged friend, this pet playhouse can be easily plunked in the garden or carried to campsites. The Zampa playpen is commonly chosen as temporary and permanent pet home and can be used both indoors and outdoors to keep your pet entertained and refreshed. It comes with two mesh doors and mesh windows on all the other sides along with a complete mesh roof to make sure that your pet doesn’t feel anxious.

A secure place for Adventurous Puppies Not all pets are obedient and not all of them are lazy. Specially designed to cater to the super active kittens and puppies, this pet kennel has four stakes that hold it tightly to the ground. The reinforced corners and smartly protected seams are added to minimize the chances of chewing away whereas the attached floor eliminates the possibility of escape plans from the bottom of the pen.

Feature-Equipped Crate-Training Kennel Super-spacious pet house is made from water-resistant material to provide a trouble-free crate training time for you and your pet. Portable Playpen features a detachable roof that can be easily removed to clean the base of this pet home. It comes equipped with a water-dispensing hole, a special water bottle holder and exterior side pockets to keep treaty surprises for your sweet little pet.

Set-Up and Collapse with EaseAs a pet lover, we know that the safety and comfort of your pet is your utmost priority. Eight-panel design of this lightweight playpen and protected seams together provide you with a durable pet accessory that can be trusted. Easy-to-set exercise pen for pets can be collapsed and folded to carry on picnics, camping, and other outdoor trips.

Zampa Portable Foldable Pet Playpen
Comes in three size: 36"
DESIGN Our stylish 8-Panel Puppy.
NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Pops up in seconds, no assembly needed

Calming Drops for Dogs and Cats

Zampa’s cat and dog calming drops is here to help your four-legged friend deal with the anxiety of separation, travel, grooming, or even thunderstorms! Just a few drops will help promote relaxation and calmness.

Designed for your convenience with a dropper cap, Zampa's liquid supplement for pets is a mess and fuss-free product.

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Pure Peace, Naturally Crafted

The formula is 100% free from unnatural chemicals or any sedatives, making it entirely safe for your beloved pet. Non-GMO, vegan, and vegetarian friendly, made in the USA.

Customer Testimonials

Navigating Pet Anxiety
I recently gave these melatonin drops a try for my dog in the hopes of curing her anxiety and panic attacks brought on by particular sounds.

These drops are suppose to be a relaxing remedy for stressed or anxious pets. Whether they actually do work for my furry pal is still up for debate.

Just before writing this she gladly ate the advised serving after I added it to her food. Fifteen minutes later, she heard something on the TV that put her into a panic attack. Not being able to say for sure whether the drops had any effect is difficult because it did not prevent an attack, but I did notice that around ten minutes after her panic attack, she was lying down and puffing instead of shaking and pacing.

Her panic attacks can often last for hours, therefore the melatonin drops may be responsible for calming her down faster. To come to a firm conclusion, though, is a little difficult. Was the sound not as loud as sometimes, or did these drops actually aid in her relaxation?

I do like how these drops have a handy dropper that makes it simple to measure out the proper serving. I can make sure my dog receives the proper dosage that is recommended. Even though I can't make a firm determination regarding the validity of these melatonin drops, there does seem to be a ray of hope for a quicker recovery from anxiety episodes. I'll keep tracking the effects on my pet's anxiety concerns in the hopes that more information may become available.
Finally, a calming supplement that works!
I have a GSD who absolutely hates going to the Vet. As soon as we pull up in front of the building, she starts to get anxious and doesn’t want to get out of the car. Once I get her in the building, she barks non-stop. She has her yearly checkup soon, and I really didn’t want to have to medicate her with something strong so I have been trying different things to see if there was a good alternative.

I’ve tried some calming chews from other brands and they have all been a bust. They made good treats for my dogs, but they had no calming effect whatsoever. I was about to call it quits and just get something to calm her nerves from the vet before I saw this and figured I would give it a try.

My dog absolutely loves the taste of it. She gets excited when I give it to her which is a huge plus. Also, it really works! I gave it to her about an hour before I had guests come over and she usually gets excited and jumps on everyone that she can. This time she simply laid on her dog bed when they came in and waited for them to greet her. It does make her a bit sleepy, so it’s not something I give her regularly, but it’s a lifesaver for when we have thunderstorms or have to go out somewhere.

Plus it’s made with all natural ingredients! My GSD has sensitive skin and a sensitive stomach and she’s done really well the few times I’ve given it to her. There’s been no scratching or an upset tummy!

If you’re tired of looking for calming supplements that actually work, then look no further! This is a great option
Jill H
Easy to give your dog
My dog has no problems with these drops, the first thing I noticed was they smell just like beef broth, a couple drops on his favorite treat and he's good for the night!

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